Here is an overview of a series of Top prizes on NPO marathon races since 2011:

1st NPO Dax
4th NPO Dax
6th NPO Dax
9th NPO St. Vincent
11th NPO Bordeaux
12th NPO Bergerac
15th NPO Dax
19th NPO St. Vincent
19th NPO Dax
20th NPO Dax
20th NPO Dax
20th NPO Bergerac
21st NPO Bordeaux
27th NPO Bergerac
28th NPO Bergerac
30th NPO Tarbes
31st NPO Dax
32nd NPO Dax
32nd NPO Tarbes
33rd NPO Dax
33rd NPO Bordeaux
34th NPO Tarbes

In total more than 60 top 100 listings in 8 years time!!!

Here is an overview of a series of Top prizes on Nat./ZLU since 2011:

1st National ZLU Barcelona
7th National St. Vincent
12th National Perpignan
13th National Dax
13th National Dax
17th National ZLU Marseille
17th National ZLU Tarbes
21st National ZLU Dax
21st National ZLU Bordeaux
26th National Dax
30th National Bordeaux
33rd National Perpignan
33rd National Dax
36th National ZLU Perpignan
39th National St. Vincent
40th National Tarbes
45th National Tarbes
48th National Dax
49th National Bordeaux
50th National Barcelona
52nd National Barcelona
52nd National Bordeaux
53rd National ZLU Perpignan
58th National ZLU Perpignan
65th National ZLU Perpignan

In total more than 30 top 100 prizes in 6 years time!!!